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Lice -those little itchy scalp invaders

January 21, 2014 2 min read

Is it just me, or is lice more prevalent nowadays.  Could it be because schools are no longer allowed to perform scalp checks due to privacy acts?  I remember those dreaded days in primary school.  It was usually right after summer break when the lady in the white coat took her wooden sticks and ran them through my long hair.  I was so afraid that they would make me a ‘cast out’ by finding bugs in my hair and then I would have to cut all my hair off.  Dramatic….yes.  I was probably looking out the window at some birds when the nice lady in the white coat explained things so we wouldn’t be terrified like I was.

Terrified or not, the school checks made sense.  It stopped the spread.

Lice seem to be a problem year round now.  So what can you do?  Is there any way to protect or prevent?

Over the years I have heard many stories and testimonials regarding the use of essential oils and the positive feed back on their use to prevent lice has been terrific.

So here’s some information to think about.

  • It takes many weeks before your child will actually start itching, so checking your child once a week or once a month is a good idea. Lice themselves do not like light so you will more than likely not see the actual lice.  Instead look for the nits.  They are white and like to attach themselves to the hair.
  • Brush hair well every day and night.
  • Remind your kids about why it’s not a good idea to share hats, coats, brushes etc.
  • If your child has long hair tie it back tightly in a bun or braid.
  • If you know there’s kids at your childs’ school with lice, postpone sleepovers, or ask the parents if their kids have been checked lately.  
In the art of Aromatherapy there are great preventative measures you can take.
Simple ones like this:
Anti Lice synergistic blend
  1. use equal parts of Rosemary, Lavender, Tea tree, Geranium
  2. 40 drops of each. 
  3. Blend in a clean dropper bottle
  4. Take a few drops every morning and rub it into your kid’s hair, then brush the hair as usual, and tie back if long.

You can also use this blend in a mist and in a hair rinse.

Anti Lice Mist: 

  1. Clean 120ml mist bottle.
  2. Add 50 drops of the above synergistic blend. 
  3. When kids are all ready to walk out the door, give them a light misting. 

Hair Rinse

  1. Add 5 drops into approx 6 cups of cold water. 
  2. Agitate well and us as a final rinse on scalp. 
  3. If possible soak entire scalp in bowl. 
  4. Leave in.  Style as usual.

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