This entire collection is plant powered with Sacred Frankincense Essential oil,  otherwise know as the KING of all essential oils. This Frankincense was used to anoint the sons of kings and priests at birth, and given as a gift to Jesus.  Harvested in Oman for thousands of years and is the oldest frankincense species known.  It is this species that has been receiving world wide media for its anti cancer research.  The resin is wild crafted in southern Oman, each piece is hand cleaned, then long-distilled for 12hrs here in British Columbia;  producing the best organic Sacred Frankincense essential oil, Hydrosol, and Resin Serum Tightening Mask in the world.  Because the Oman people are not exporting the gum anymore we must send our source who travels to Oman, visits with the people, selectively chooses the gum he would like and then returns to Canada with it.  This process ensures that you receive the highest quality possible. Cancer Research: