Celebrating 25 Fabulous Years!

Sale details..Sale ends December 7th
Cruise the website, make a list and call in your order.  604.990.0833
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Here's whats on Sale
ALL Cleansing Milks 25% OFF
Complexion Cleansing Bars - buy any 3 receive 25% OFF
Wrinkle Reducer  25% OFF
Blink Eye Balm - 50% OFF
Micro Gel Exfoliant  25% OFF
Frankincense Hydrosol  25% OFF
Sacred Frankincense HA Serum 25% OFF
Charcoal Cream Mask 50% OFF
Acne Night Time Gel  60ml size  25% OFF
Mens Sandalwood Face Therapy 25% OFF
Aromatherapy products
Eucalyptus Mist - 25% OFF
Revive Air Repair - 25% OFF
Colloidal Silver products - 25% OFF   
Body Lotion - buy any 3 120ml sizes & receive 25% OFF
Bath Salts - buy any 3 & receive 25% OFF
Aromatherapy Inhalers:  25% OFF
Aromatherapy diffusers:  25% OFF
Car Vent Diffusers - 25% OFF
Aromatherapy necklaces - 25% OFF

Aromatherapy Diffuser Gift Packages
-include 5 essential oils @ 25% OFF & the Waterdrop diffuser @ 50% OFF
Essential OIls 
buy 3 - 15% off
buy 5 - 25% off
buy 7 - 30% off 
buy 9 - 35% off
buy 12 - 40% off
buy 16 - 50% off
Pure Exotic Essential oils 50% OFF
Rose Pure 10ml
Helichrysum 10ml
Melissa 10ml
Chamomile 10ml
Neroli 10ml
Yarrow 10ml

DIY empty bottles & jars - 25% OFF

Various packages over the duration of the sale will be set out.

 A Message from the Heart...

Over the last 1/4 of a century I've seen my craft go from a niche wellness movement driven by passion and caring to a profit driven corporate industry.   I've seen many aromatherapy companies try this...and that...gimmicks here... and gimmicks there...I have to admit that sometimes it caused me to think if I should follow.  But the reality is that I always had a clear vision of what I wanted to create for women!  Simply, 100% Natural, Organic, Aroma-therapeutic products that made a positive, glowing, difference to our skin, our partners & childrens health, the  environment, and to our emotional well being without harm to animals.

Thank you to all my staff who passionately care and work hard, you continue to teach me to be a better leader.  Thank you to those customers who trusted me with intimate stories of life & death.  I have been so touched by so many.

There were many paths I considered for a career but none that I believe would of led me to meet so many incredible women and their families. 

I love what I do and I appreciate all of the wonderful customers I have met over the years.  Thank you for supporting my little shop of natural wonders and allowing me to work and live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I have been truly blessed.

From the bottom of my heart...
Thank you very much for 25 years patronage!

Essentially yours, Suzanne Laurin-Seale  
Aromatherapist, Founder & Formulator