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Get Glowing!

January 27, 2014 3 min read

I have never met a person that didn't want GLOWING SKIN.  Well, now's your chance to achieve that.  No matter what your age is;  you can have healthy, glowing, radiant skin.  It just take a few easy steps done on a regular basis.  For over 20years we have watched thousands of people's skin be transformed by this incredible line of skin care. 

You can be one of them too.  Follow the steps below and Get the Glow On!  

1.    Cleanse morning and night with proper removal of makeup. This is the first step to healthy glowing skin.  Always rinse with lots of water to ensure skin is left clear and clean.

2.    Deep Cleanse your skin with the skin specific Spa Mineral Mask every five days or once a week. Use to deep clean and tighten skin. Its absorptive and adhesive powers thoroughly cleanse the epidermis of debris and deep pore grime. This deep cleansing action is aided by our products exceptional ion exchange capacity which enhances its ability to cleanse and neutralize charged particles which can contribute to the formation of free radical molecules. Free radicals oxidize skin cells, decrease firmness and elasticity, and contribute to wrinkle formation.   This step is crucial for tight pores, even tone, radiant complexions.

3.    Exfoliation    The gentle action of the colloidal minerals remove bacterial impurities associated with breakouts, the botanical extracts nourish the skin, while the spherical structure of the plant beads exfoliate, removing dull, dead skin cells to reveal healthy, smooth skin.  This gentle yet very effective action also prevents oil from getting trapped under dead skin thus preventing the formation of deeply imbedded dirt.  The Micro-Gel Gommage is recommended for use on all skin types.  This product also promotes the production of collagen and elastin, two major anti-aging components. Using either the Spa Mask or the Micro Gel Exfoliant is a crucial step in the Natural Beauty Skincare system because it eliminates the barrier that dead skin causes between the product and the live epidermis.  For best results use 2-3 times a week.  Do not use on irritated or broken skin. 

4.    Nourish skin with your choice of Facial Mists.  Mist 3-7 times approx. 5inches away from face.   Due to the high botanical frequency of the ingredients this step minimizes the appearance of redness, blotchiness, and wrinkles. 

5.    Moisturize morning and night with our unique 2 step hydration, moisturization system.  Unlike so many night products that are heavy and block up pores;  ALL of our products have been formulated to be molecularly small and light to penetrate the skin allowing the skin to breath as it was naturally designed to do.

step 1.    These advanced-performance formulas moisturize and hydrate skin by replenishing thirsty, dry, dehydrated and troubled skin with the botanical benefits of organic extracts, vitamins and essential oils.  The small, light molecular structure of the skin-specific blends absorb into the layers of the epidermis protecting and soothing skin.

Massage either the Wrinkle Reducer formula or the appropriate Aroma-face-Complex for your skin into areas of concern or wrinkle prone areas until absorbed.-ie under eyes, crows feet, upper lip, and neck.   Massage in upward circular motion to carry the power of the phyto molecules into the deeper layers of the skin to facilitate deep hydration, restoring skins natural glow.  Face massage draws oxygen to the surface of the skin and creates proper circulation.  Its like exercise for the face.

step 2.    Moisture-restoring nutrients blended together with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other antioxidants provide thirsty skin with deep penetrating moisture.  The small, light molecular structure hydrates into the deep layers of the epidermis without clogging pores, allowing skin to breath while soothing skin.
Follow with moisturizing entire face and neck with 3-4 pea size amounts of Aroma-face-Therapy for your skin. If needed apply more.  This second step leaves the skin dewy soft and looking matte.  Wait 5minutes and apply colored cosmetics.  If you find the skin has not yet absorbed all the product simply use a tissue and dab off any unabsorbed product.  Take note and use a bit less the next day.  

These guidelines will guarantee the effective delivery of our plant powered skincare giving your skin the GLOW!

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