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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting our online store.  My name is Suzanne Laurin-Seale and I am the founder and formulator of Natural Beauty Skincare®.  For over 25 years my wonderful staff & I have been creating 100% natural, organic, vegan, shelf stable, purely botanical products for the whole family.  We don't  have Shareholders or a marketing team of 10, but we do have integrity and passion about natural wellness.  And our products are hand-crafted by us, allowing us to uphold our 100% natural premium quality.  
In the beginning it was challenging because people really didn't understand that synthetic chemicals, especially perfume, could be harmful to your health.  They just didn't know;  and I suspect they had a hard time believing a 25 year old naturalist.  But eventually I talked to enough people and gave away enough samples that I made believers out of them.  That's the exciting part.  If you would like to hear more about our story enter our store and cruise the pages.  Or visit our BRICK & MORTAR store located at 205 Lonsdale Ave.  North Vancouver.

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