This line was the first skin care line developed by founder Suzanne Laurin-Seale.  For herself.  After discontinuing birth control pill she got severe acne.  Her quest for healing was futile so she decided to formulate her own skincare line that proved to be very successful.  Her skin cleared beautifully and is still clear and fresh with a natural glow.

You too can discover the phyto-force in these time tested products.  When used in combination the results are dramatic.  Formulated with effective botanicals and natural plant power action.  These products do not cause excessive dryness that is often experienced with products for acne-prone skin.

Recommendations     1.  Cleanse morning and night.     2.  Mask affected area ever other day, after mask use the naturally medicated Aroma-face-complex and the Aroma-face-therapy.     3.  After cleansing each morning and night use the naturally medicated Aroma-face-therapy moisturizer.      4.  Apply Night-time Gel for Acne-Prone skin every night to the spots directly.     5. Take a look at your diet.  Naturopaths recommend eliminating cow's dairy, sugar, wheat, and refined foods.  And we have seen tremendous truth in these recommendations.  For proper use of products visit each product and click on the directions tab.