Often those with oily and congested skin will struggle to keep pores clear and clean.  Skin is oily in the T-Zone and becomes greasy as the day progresses, but cheeks remain dry. /this is often connected to harsh alcohols and synthetic chemicals used in most skin care products.  Chemicals like propylene glycol, (a chemical made from GMO corn used in cosmetics and antifreeze).

9 out of 10 customers saw a decrease in blocked pores caused from excessive oil production using the following. 


Cleanse morning and night with proper removal of make up.   Exfoliate your skin with the Micro-Gel Gommage twice a week. 

Deep Cleanse with the Rosemary & Mint Spa Mineral Mask for oily skin every five days. The absorptive and adhesive properties thoroughly cleanse the epidermis of debris and deep pore residue.

Nourish and neutralize ph with the Lavender Facial Mist.

Moisturize morning and night with the Aroma-face-Therapy for oily skin. After Masking massage 5-8 drops of the Aroma-face-Complex for oily skin into cheeks, and then follow with moisturizing entire face and neck with 3-4 pea size amounts of Aroma-face-Therapy for oily skin. If needed apply a bit more.