About Us

Nature’s Creations Aromatherapy is a Vancouver-based manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler of 100% natural, botanical aromatherapy products and services.  On every level, Nature's Creations has created an alternative aromatherapy and body care company that is pure, ethical, organic, environmental and sustainable, and 100% natural.  Natural Beauty SkinCARE is the registered trademark;  and the brick and mortar is Nature's Creations Aromatherapy & Wellness Store.

In the early stages, products were being purchased from various companies worldwide.  However, when harmful ingredients were discovered  in many products, founder Suzanne Laurin-Seale concluded that the products she wanted for herself and her customers were not readily available. She realized that if the products she wanted were going to exist, she would have to create them herself!

Sourcing out premium quality ingredients for her formulations was not as easy as first thought, it took over 3 years to find reliable suppliers and to produce the bulk of what has now become the Natural Beauty SkinCare® line.  Even with a very extensive line of products now in place, there is ongoing research to create new products with the very best ingredients. 

The focus is to create and provide 100% natural skincare and body care products that promote beautiful healthy skin, body and mind.  The uncompromising all-natural process can at times be frustrating.  Because of taking a purely “naturally focused and quality driven” approach potential franchising opportunities have been lost and Suzanne has been advised that her strict quality control is too restrictive for success in the cosmetic industry.  Even so, by not willing to compromise quality, Suzanne believes that past losses are simply growing pains that all forward-thinking companies encounter.  But in reality Suzanne's product lines have been increasing in popularity each year and the decision to remain true to integrity has been the right one.