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Ethical Environmental Honesty

Christmas Day 2009 Lions Bay, BCWe live in a society that struggles to find new places to dump our poisons, plastics, nuclear waste, recyclables that aren't being recycled... and we give it a convenient little name "garbage".  This does not include the tragic impact we are having on rivers, lakes, and oceans.  We are all responsible.

The environmental impact that the cosmetic industry has on our earth is perhaps one of the most self indulgent, unnecessary of all and one we can easily change.

Since 1994 we have educated and converted people to the effective, natural alternatives that we provide.  Natural cosmetics are healthier for you, the environment and your childrens future. 

However, buyer beware!  To call something natural it only need contain 10% natural ingredients.  And with the increased interest in alternatives there are many companies adding 'natural' products to their product lines so they can make more money.

What kind of natural do you want?

There are also many degrees of quality within the natural cosmetic industry. A company may choose to use GMO peanut oil as a base ingredient or organic jojoba oil. READ the ingredients.

In aromatherapy essential oils are often fragmented and adulterated.  This means that the natural chemical composition is changed, taken from and often times added to.  

Many of the natural chemical constituents that are taken out of the essential oils are sold in the food and beverage industry.  And then what's left is sold off as aromatherapy.  There is also a huge amount of essential oils that are adulterated with "nature identical" chemicals.  This means that a synthetic chemical that is identical in chemical composition is added to increase the quantity, this nature-identical chemical is dead, it has no life force.  These are a few reasons why you may have a totally different aromatherapy experience when you buy cheaper health food store or drugstore brands.

We do not use "nature identical" oils or singular chemical constituents because they are not whole nor do they contain the life force of the plant.  We only use whole, botanically derived ingredients.  That means the whole plant as it has been created. Nothing added, nothing taken away and no toxic environmental impact.  This creates a product that has the energy of a life force.

We believe natural ingredients provide many more benefits than science understands and does not produce toxic waste that is freely poured into 3rd world rivers and estuaries.

Did you know that most prescription medicines once came from a plant?  Yes, it's true.  The brainiacs in money-ville take the active ingredients in the plant, synthesize it, patent it and then they can make tons of money.  You see plants cannot be patented.  Although I hear that's changing with big-pharma.

The bottom line is that most companies are more interested in creating a product to maximize profits than one that is ethical and/or beneficial.  

At Natural Beauty Skincare we continue to create products that are super beneficial, have a very low environmental impact and are socially responsible. 

We guarantee it.