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June 14, 2014 2 min read

What does LOCAL really mean? Wikipedia defines it as “something nearby”, or “in the immediate area”. It’s a real buzz word these days but what does it really mean. You see after contacting a number of LOCAL Skincare companies we discovered some interesting facts. Although they have their main offices “nearby” or “in the immediate area” the product is actually out-sourced. This means that it is made by huge manufacturing facilities located abroad, mostly in the USA. Those same products are sold to 100’s of companies who then put their own label on. SO, what’s wrong with that? Nothing but when a consumer looks at a product and sees the address as ABC street, Gibsons, BC they think it’s a locally manufactured product. And it’s really not. And we don’t think that’s ok.

Since 1994 Natural Beauty Skincare® has been hand crafted on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC. The highest quality botanical ingredients are sourced, tested, and brought in. The products are then hand crafted in the humble facility located @ 205 Lonsdale Ave. There is no LAB. This company only uses non-toxic; non-carcinogenic, botanically sourced ingredients in all their products therefore do not require lab facilities. It’s a safe place to work as no one is exposed to synthetic chemicals. If there is a spill, or a splash on someone’s skin it’s no big deal, (other than the cost, as some of these ingredients are worth their weight in gold).

Formulator and founder Suzanne Laurin-Seale says she created these products out of necessity. After the quick onset of acne at age 25 she realized that if she was going to be able to use natural Skincare that worked she was going to have to create it herself. In the mid 90’s there was minimal selection of natural products, and those that were being marketed as natural still had horrible ingredients such as parabens and petroleum jelly! Although the industry has improved it’s still a challenge to find LOCAL, 100% natural, gov’t tested, shelf stable product, packaged in glass, and she believes this is why she receives referrals from Naturopaths, osteopaths, and various other health care professionals including mid-wives and nurses. Natural Beauty Skincare® sells over a hundred 100% natural skin, body and hair care products for the whole family. Since the very beginning being environmentally responsible and Eco friendly was seriously important and therefore to minimize the use of plastics and avoid exposure to hormone mimickers 98% of all packaging is glass and the preservative systems are botanical; giving the products a 3 year shelf life.

Avoidpotential carcinogenic ingredients like propylene glycol (main ingredient in anti-freeze), synthetic fragrances, plasticizers such as polyvinelpyrrolidone(PVP), diethanolamine (DEA), triethanolamine (TEA), parabens, FD&C colors. Avoid these chemicals and help to keep 3rd world impoverished communities safe from waste water (a byproduct) that is often disposed of into drinking water sources and soils. This unethical practice compromises the lives of millions of families, their environments and the animals they share their space with.

Support Vancouver’s most natural LOCAL skin care provider; Natural Beauty Skincare® and make the world a more beautiful place to live.

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