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What People Are Saying About Us

"I have been looking for a 100% natural product that works, finally I found you.  Can't believe I didn't know about your products sooner.  And I really like that I can also shop at Wholefoods for so many of these great products."  Lori


"My skin gets an awful reddish rash irritation when I was using this other big name product cleanser, when I switched to yours it totally cleared up.  Thanks for such great products. " Cathy


"You can never go away, i need your products there the only ones I can use." Giselle 


"I ran out of your Sensitive skin care products and after a few weeks my rosacea started to rear its ugly head.  Thanks for a great product line, I can't go without it. " Carol      


"The other day, I picked up one of your new products, the ORGANIC BEAUTY BALM. My 10 month old baby’s legs and feet have developed these dry patchy areas over the winter months. This Organic Beauty Balm worked wonders at clearing up the dry patchy areas! Within two days of about 3 applications per day (morning, afternoon and before bed), his legs and feet are once again soft and smooth! I’ve also apply the balm on his chin (where the saliva from the drooling tends to irritate the skin) and it made a huge difference!    I, myself, have recently started using the Organic Shea Butter with Lavender & Ylang Ylang as a night time moisturizer. I have tried a few shea butter over the years, and nothing compares to Suzanne’s shea butter. As with all her products, a little goes a long way.  :) "  Elvina


"I have an allergic rash on my forearms from excessive sun exposure which resulted in severe skin lesions and skin melanoma. Suzanne prepared a special formula for this, as nothing had cleared this problem prior to the consultation with Suzanne. Within a period of one week there was already significant improvement and after two weeks the skin melanoma and rash had completely healed. I continue to use Suzanne’s special formulas for skin problems with exceptional results. Her knowledge of causes and healing of all skin problems is phenomenal ! I only have heartfelt thanks and appreciation."  Laura & Francis  North Vancouver, BC


"I tried your Rosegeranium cleansing milk and in 4 days my skin has noticeably cleared up. Even my husband commented. I’m sure now that the cleanser I used before has been irritating my skin. I’m going to try your mask next. "  Jessie


"I read your information listed under The Truth and was alarmed to see what poisons are found in womans and mens skincare products. I checked the ingredients in mine and you are right. These companies should be reported. Since when is poison ok? Don’t they care that it goes into our bloodstream and stores up in our organs? They will do anything for money, like kill us. I appreciate the information and am going to place an order for some of your sensitive skincare products and become much more ingredient aware." thank you, Sara


"My skin feels great.  Never looked better!  Love the mask.  Brought a friend to convert. "  

Laurie in Vancouver, BC


"I want to thank you for helping me to improve my skin.  I started the program around three weeks ago.  I had some spots and scars due to sun damage and acne and they have disappeared.  Thank you again."  Mandana in Vancouver, BC 


"The Nature’s Creations Aromatic Facial Complex  is an amazing alternative to commercial brand moisturizers, - balancing, healthy and smells great!  My advice to anyone buying body/face products, etc., try this alternative first.  I think you’ll like what you find."  Victoria in Vancouver, BC


"I’m someone who suffers from breakouts.  My skin hasn’t been clear for over 10-15 years.  In high school I was put on antibiotics and acne cream.  That was a temporary relief of my face but a slow killer of my internal health.  My health hasn’t been the same.  It’s been over 4 months since I started using a Nature’s Creations skin care line.  My skin has never looked better.  The breakouts and the scars are noticeably less.  I’m someone who has always broken out with any product that I’ve used on my face.  Surprisingly enough I’ve had no reaction to Nature’s Creations. My skin feels nourished and looks healthier.  I’m happy also because I know what the ingredients are that are going on and into my skin.  Thank you Suzanne.  "  Del in Vancouver, BC


"I came to Nature’s Creations a few months ago after seeing an advertisement in the local paper.  I’ve had problems with adult acne for about 15 years.  Doctors would give me mega doses of tetracycline which would clear it up for a few months but inevitably it would come back.  I noticed a difference almost immediately using Nature’s Creations.  I haven’t had any new outbreaks of acne and the products feel great on my skin and last for a long time. Nature’s Creations gives great advice and I trust in their expertise. "  Elaine in Vancouver, BC


"I tried many other expensive products that didn’t work, at all.  Then I tried Nature’s Creations Aromatic Complex for dry/sensitive skin and it worked excellent.  Finally a product I love. "  Gail in North Vancouver, BC


"I recently used the Acne Gel.   WOW!  In 2 days my face was clear, it really works.  Way better than tea tree oil I was using."   Melinda in Vancouver, BC


"I have tried many many different products and have not had any results even close to the Ance Gel recommended.  The Gel worked immediately giving my face a smoother look. Thank you."  Linda in Vancouver, BC


"Since I started using Nature’s creations products I no longer have any skin breakouts!  I told my mother about it and she is now a convert too!  She says it is excellent for mature skin!  Yeah! "  Sarah in North Vancouver, BC