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Aging Naturally

The quest to extend youthful beauty has driven women to travel over oceans to discover the fountain of youth since before the days of Cleopatra. Now you can instantly experience the tranformational benefits of botanicals collected for you from distant lands without even leaving your home.

Our formula are based on millennia of wisdom combined with modern scientific innovation from around the world using only pure, clean, botanically sourced ingredients that produce results.

9 out of 10 women saw a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 21 days.


Cleanse morning and night with proper removal of makeup. This is the first step to healthy glowing skin.

Deep Cleanse your skin with the non-abrasive Rose & Jasmine Spa Mineral Mask for dry/sensitive skin once a week. Use to minimize the appearance of large pores. Its absorptive and adhesive powers thoroughly cleanse the epidermis of debris and deep pore grime. This deep cleansing action is aided by our products exceptional ion exchange capacity which enhances its ability to cleanse and neutralize charged particles which can contribute to the formation of free radical molecules. Improves tone and texture producing skin that looks firmer.

Moisturize morning and night with our unique 2 step anti-aging hydration system. Massage either the Wrinkle Reducer formula or the Aroma-face-Complex for dry/sensitive skin into wrinkle prone areas until absorped. Follow with moisturizing entire face and neck with 3-4 pea size amounts of Aroma-face-Therapy for dry/sensitive skin. If needed apply more.