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The Micro Gel Exfoliant incorporates a 100% botanical, Ocean safe, perfectly spherical bead.  It is gentle enough to use multiple times a week accelerating the turnover of cells, revealing new fresher skin.  A gentle naturally occurring acid in lemon essential oil further refreshes skin, and the healing elements of lavender calm and soothe.  The non-drying, natural anti-biotic colloidal gel base kills bacteria associated with breakouts.  

Did you know each time you exfoliate you cause the natural production of collagen and elastin giving skin that fresh, youthful, healthy glow.

The Micro Gel Exfoliating Gommage is gentle enough to use every couple of days.  It has an amazing non-drying deep pore cleansing action that leaves the appearance of the skin bright and radiant.  A must for anyone with an oily T-Zone.