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Time to Detox

Some people find dry brushing invigorating so its best to make this part of your morning routine just before your shower.  Plan for 3 to 5 minutes of dry brushing - self care time.

Pressure should be medium.  You want to feel it but without irritating the skin. Long strokes are optimum to push up lymph fluid, use a delicate and rhythmic touch.  Each stroke and pass of the skin should be done more than once and overlap areas. Think of it like raking leaves;  but your raking away dead skin. On smaller areas switch to short, quick stroking. 

Start at the feet and move upward.

The point of dry brushing is to encourage lymphatic flow.  You always want to follow the circulatory system. Start with the top of the feet, then target the lower leg, the knee, and the thigh. When you work on the back of the thigh, treat the butt as an extension of your thigh and continue upward onto your back. On the stomach, work in a circular motion. 

On the upper body, start with the hands and go across toward the heart. Do a similar routine as you did with the legs: Brush the back of your hands, work around the forearm, and then around the upper arm. Moving under the upper arms, brush that area a little longer as that's where many lymph nodes.

Finally the neck and décolletage.

Be extra gentle, as this is delicate skin.  As you are above heart level, you now brush in a downwards motion. Start at the jawline and move down toward your chest. Finish by going over your heart in a circular motion to end your routine. 

Take a shower to rinse away all of the dead skin.  Your skin is thoroughly exfoliated, so need for any loofah action or exfoliants.

Hydrate your skin with a detoxifying oil or body lotion.  Try the Anti-Cellulite Oil or try making your own. Remember as smoothing on an oil or cream will seal in water from your shower. Always moisturize with damp skin!

You are sure to see and feel the difference in your skin and general well being when you start this simple detoxifying habit.