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Under Armour Deodorant

  • Under-Armour kills odor causing bacteria while allowing the body to function as it was designed to.

    Armpits are powerful detoxification sites for the body. Preventing the body from sweating is NOT recommended for good health. 30% of the body's detoxification takes place sub-cutaneously (thru the skin), If the body is not allowed to detoxify it may be forced to re-absorb those toxins. When switching from an anti-perspirant to Under-Armour Deodorant the sweat glands may be over active for a period of time before balance is re-established. Allow your armpits to detoxify and use Under Armour as often as needed though out the day.

    FYI: There are 20 lymph nodes under each armpit so one must ask themselves if they really want to prevent there body from releasing the toxins that will otherwise be re-absorbed into these lymph nodes.

  • Pure de-ionized water, 99.99% pure silver at .001 micron, vegetable glycerin, proprietary blend of 100% pure organic essential oils
  • Shake well, spray onto clean dry armpits. Use as often as needed. This may also be used directly on shirt armpit area, sports equipment, hockey skates etc
  • "My husbands hockey equipment used to be rank, now I just spray it after each practice and my foyer closet doesn't smell like the locker room. yeah. Thanks Natural Beauty Skincare!" Lizzy B.

    "I have danced my whole life, now I teach. Before I discovered Under-Armour I use to sweat so much I was horribly embarrassed. We dancers have our arms in the air most of the time. I had tried everything including injections! It took time for my sweat glands to re-balance, just like Suzanne said it would! But I just used the Under Armour multiple times a day until things normalized. Now my sweat glands are normal. I am sooooo thankful." Betty T.

    "I LOVE this product. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to eliminate toxic personal care products." Debbie R.