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Skin-so-CLEAR™ Mineral Mask

  • Clears away surface impurities and built up debris that causes pore blockage.  Use this mineral mask as a wonderful, non-abrasive product to purify  the skin.  Formulated with 100% pure botanical sourced essential oils, pure spring water, clays, minerals and mineral salts laid down over thousands of years in rare aquatic deposit.  Its absorptive and adhesive powers thoroughly cleanse the epidermis of debris and deep pore dirt.  This deep cleansing action is aided by our products exceptional ion exchange capacity which enhances its ability to remove oil that has oxidized under dead skin cells.  It neutralizes charged particles which can contribute to the formation of free radical molecules, while the anti-bacterial, anti-biotic aromatherapy minimizes the appearance of acne-prone skin.


  • Aqua/water, calcarious marine clay, citrus grandis seed extract, glycerin, argentum metallicum water (colloidal silver), 100% pure proprietary blend of essential oils.
  • Cleanse skin, warm compress for 1-2 minutes to open up pores, apply a layer thick enough to fill and cover skin so you cannot see your pores.  Once entirely dry, rinse away clay with a lot of wart water and a soft face cloth.  Follow with the Aroma Facial Mist, Aroma Face Complex for hydration and a bit of the Aroma Face Therapy moisturizer from the same line.
  • "I used this mineral mask every couple of days, and then moisturized with the complex and face-therapy from the same line and noticed a big difference in the texture of my skin.  I love these products and continue to use them successfully.  I recommend them to everyone now."  Sherri B.

    "Whenever I get a zit I apply this mask and it just shrinks it up.  super product.  Thanks!  Ursula P.

    "As a model I can't have bad skin.  But I went thru this phase of eating badly and had a huge breakout, this mask started to make a difference after the first application.  It definitely helped me clear things up much quicker "  Leslie 

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