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Outdoor Oil - DEET FREE Bug Spray

  • A fabulous alternative.  Full body application twice a day, lasts the average customer 3weeks.  Essential oils sourced from around the world blended into the nourishing benefits of organic jojoba oil & coconut oil.  This product formula was collectively drawn from various aboriginal peoples from different continents.  Works as a hydrating body oil as need to pack body lotion.  Formulated for ages 3+up.  For under 3yrs old apply to clothing...cuffs of jeans, running shoes, hoodies, etc.
  • Coconut nuciferus oil, organic jojoba oil, 100% botanically sourced essential oil proprietary blend including geranium, lavender, catnip, tea tree.
  • Apply to skin as a body oil to entire body. This allows for the oils to fully circulate the body. Then apply to exposed areas as needed. Protects naturally for up to 6 hours. Successfully used world wide.  
  • "I found the Outdoor Oil to be very effective against getting eaten alive in Africa. Just be careful to not put too much on as it is an oil and you don't need much. Thank you Suzanne for helping get ready for my trip to Africa."
    - Ruth

    "Outdoor Oil - DEET FREE works fantastically in all kind of environments. Used it in India for a few weeks. Works great."
    - Tommy

    "Just back after travelling to India for 5 weeks! Didn´t take any vaccines
    or anti-malaria but used Bugs-be-Gone Outdoor Oil religiously and even slept
    outside several nights. Works like a charm."
    - Nicole

    "When I go running through the woods all the mosquitoes stay far away."
    - Wendy

    "I just returned from 2 weeks in Bangladesh. Thanks to Suzanne and the
    bottle of DEET FREE Outdoor Oil I lived in a bug bite free zone during my
    trip! This stuff smells great and it really works."
    - Laurelle

    "Deet Free Outdoor Oil worked for us when we went camping in the interior
    (Watch Lake area). I used it on myself, and both my kids 6yrs & 8 months.
    We didn´t get any bites. But my husband who used Deet did."
    - Bea

    "I called Suzanne to get 2 big bottles of the DEET Free Outdoor Oil for our
    film crew (approx.. 35 people) to protect us shooting at night in the GVRD.
    We had some Deet on hand as well for the skeptics-they all converted! Not
    a bite on any of us & we could see the bugs-a-plenty with our big light!
    Thanks Suzanne!"
    - Yvonne

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