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Smooth Skin™ - Anti-Cellulite Scrub - STEP #1

  • The Anti-Cellulite PLUS Body Scrub plays the primary role in the 3 step program to combat the appearance of cellulite.

    Cellulite is a complicated issue that has not been studied much by scientists because it is not considered a serious problem.  It seems that cellulite results from an accumulation of subcutaneous fat in certain parts of the body, overwhelming the elasticity of the skin.  Because localization of fat is different in men and women cellulite is more prevalent in women.  Treatment should consider both aspects:  reducing the fat deposits and attending to skin health.  Anti-Cellulite Plus Body Scrub is loaded with powerful essential oils that have been used to combat cellulite for centuries PLUS the latest innovative ingredients to further facilitate the beneficial action to smoothen skin.  It has been clinically proven to provide powerful antioxidant and tightening benefits.  The active ingredients can decrease the thickness of subcutaneous fat, it tcontains powerful antioxidants and used as a scrub, helps to stimulate cellular circulation and break up the fatty deposits that cause cellulite.  Another effect is the promotion of sodium export from the cell, thought to be followed by water loss.  This process is known as "de-puffing".

  • The PLUS:  Dr. Allan Conney, a professor of cancer and leukemia research at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., states that unlike sun screen lotions, which protect against skin cancer by preventing the skin from absorbing ultraviolet rays from the sun, this kind of cancer protection works in the cells after exposure to the ultraviolet reays.  Rays form the sun can cause genetic changes in the skin that can lead to skin cancer.  Conney said caffeine apparently blocks this action by causing abnormal cells to kill themselves, a type of programmed cell suicide that prevents development of abnormal growths.  He said the caffeine acts selectively, causing the abnormal cells to die but not affecting the normal cells.  "this is not a sunscreening effect, " said Conney.  " it is a biological effect." 

  • Premium quality Epsom salts, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic fair trade coffee, 100% pure organic essential oils of pelargonium graveolens, cypressus sempervirens.
  • It is recommended to use the Anti-Cellulite Body Scrub 2-3 times a week, followed by the Anti-Cellulite Lotion every morning and the Anti-Cellulite Oil every evening.  Shower as usual, turn the shower off, scrub, rinse well.  The lotion and oil can be used as a full body lotion or simply apply directly to affected areas only.  If only one after scrub treatment product is desired, you may use the Anti-Cellulite Oil morning and night. 
  • "I use it on a exfoliating glove and my jar lasts a lot longer than just with my hands.  I love the smell and how nice my skin feels after!"  Sue P

    "I use all three products and really like how its working so far, my skin looks smoother, and feels awesome"  Theresa V.

    "I have tried many VERY expensive cellulite products on the market that gave me minimal results to none, with this system I started noticing a difference after 3weeks, it definitely has made a difference."  Holly D. 

  • A gentle, soft, quick absorb, body lotion with a kick to the cellulite.  I've used it on and off for years, and it does help"   Rita A.