Aromatherapy Scent Ball Diffuser

  • The Aromatherapy Scent Ball is an effective way to impart essential oil therapy into a small space like the rest room, hallways, or small den.

  • One Scent Ball Diffuser, 5 Scent Ball aromatherapy pads.
  • Drop essential oils onto scent pads, slip scent pad into Scent Ball, plug into socket and let diffuse.  Unplug after use.
  • "A few drops of eucalyptus in my den when I need to work is lovely and stimulating"  Nelly J.

    "I use lemongrass in the guest washroom with this Scent Ball and guests always comment on the wonderful smell"  Tina S.

    "I especially like using the Scent Ball in my walk-in closet, it keeps all my stuff fresh"  Yolanda I. 

    A perfect way to diffuse myrtle in my baby's room!"   Rita F.

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