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Colloidal Silver

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    1. We have all been sunburned, right?  You swim in the ocean on and off all day and forget just how quickly the salt water washes away the sunscreen!  And then OUCH… sunburn!  Not good.  Skin is hot and burning, and you know sleep will be difficult.  Here’s a remedy/protocol that’s relieved sunburn for hundreds of people.

      1. Ensure skin is totally clear of any baked-on sunscreen.
      2. Drop pure organic Lavender oil all over the affected area, like 7 drops for each side of arm/shoulder/hands, immediately followed with natural body lotion, and then immediately apply Colloidal Silver Gel liberally.
      3. For face: Apply moisturizer, mix the colloidal gel and 3 drops organic lavender essential oil together then apply after moisturizer.
      4. Repeat application an hour later.

       We shouldn’t be surprised, Lavender essential oil was made famous for healing a severe burn and colloidal silver is still used in Hospital burn units.  It really makes sense.  Ultimately prevention is the goal, but life happens and this is a simple, natural, effective way to heal sunburn. 

  • colloidal silver gel & organic lavender essential oil
  • Use as a anti-biotic-like gel topical application for relief of sunburn
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing.

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