Dry Shampoo

for thinning, dry hair and scalp irritations.

    • Neutral color for all hair types and colors.  Use for oily scalp and hair.
    • This product has proven to absorb excess oil and add body.
    • Best seller for NON-chemical dry shampoo
    • Beauty Tip: sprinkle onto scalp, massage in, wait 5 minutes, and brush through.
    • Supplementation with Ultra Silica herbal capsules is a great way to feed hair from the inside out.


  • Organic herbs of rosemary, powdered orange rind, baking soda, corn starch, rosemary & lavender essential oil, 
  • Use on those days when scalp is oily and to add body. Sprinkle on, rub into hair and scalp, allow product to absorb excess oil for 5 minutes, brush out.

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