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Healthy Nails

  • Prepare nail bed for application by filing/buffing the top layer of affected nail.  Dispose of emery board after use.  Massage into the affected nail bed and cuticle area 2 x a day.  The affected nail will not heal up but as the nail grows out it should grow out clean.  Once nail is normal again continue using the product once a day for another 2months.  This process is a slow one, but we have had incredible success with this protocol.          Tip:  purchase a pack of 10 emery/nail files at the dollar store and cut into 1inch pieces, which you use every few days. 


  • 100% pure botanically sourced proprietary blend of organic essential oils.
  • Nutri-biotic grapefruit seed extract capsules are recommended to address issues within.
  • Apply on nail bed and massage into cuticle area.