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Lemongrass & Ginger Bath Salts 500gm

  • This Lemongrass & Ginger Bath Salt is a wonderful way to transport your olfactory senses to south pacific.  Its a welcomed escape from the cold winter months.  Lemony and warm to the muscles and bones.  Its warming to the body and soothing to the mind.


  • Premium grade Epsom salts, organic lemongrass herb, organic lemongrass essential oil, organic ginger essential oil.
  • A fresh-blending bag is provided in the jar.  Fill the bag with the contents of the jar, add the vial of essential oils, blend well, pour back into jar and use.  Fill lid and add to a full, warm bath. Breath deep, and relax.
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  • "I like to take this bath when I get in out of the rain, it helps me get thru the winter months here in Vancouver." Jasmine D.