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SKIN-So-CLEAR™ Anti-Acne Brightening Gel

Whole Foods
  Also available at Whole Foods Market -BC Stores only 
  • New name but same great product.  This works for all skin types all the time. Guaranteed!  Naturally promote clear, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.  Try SKIN so CLEAR™ Brightening Gel and experience the incredible healing of nature.  Overnight you can see how it minimizes the appearance of blemishes, redness, and inflammation.  It purifies, brightens and clarifies naturally.  Absolutely non-drying, healing, naturally medicated gel.  Finally!...a natural anti-biotic gel that leaves skin dewy soft.

  • Water/aqua, argentum metallicum (colloidal silver) aqua, lithium magnesium sodium silicate(diatomaceous clay), veg.glycerin., 100% pure proprietary blend of organic essential oils.
  • Cleanse, moisturize, then dab onto affected area every night before bed.
  • "A few days of using this gel and I'm a believer, got all the other acne-prone skin products.  I only just started using them all together and notice a big difference in my skin."  Casey D.

    "Helped my skin right away.  So glad I found this."  Perry T.

    "This gel is great.  And it didn't dry my face up like the Benzyl peroxide products I have tried in the past."  Helen E.

  • "A  great way to zap the monthly zits.  Sammy U." 

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