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Scalp Soak for Thinning Hair

for thinning, dry hair and scalp irritations.

    • This treatment causes follicles to contract around the hair shaft preventing excess hair loss.  It also produces tiny rushes of blood flow to each follicle creating a type of healing circulations as the botanical benefits feed the follicles oxygenating the entire scalp and promoting hair growth.  If the follicles are still alive it will encourage hair re-growth.  If the follicle is dead it will not.  This is why it is important to begin incorporating this treatment as quickly as you can. 
    • This product has proven to increase hair growth with 8 out of 10 users by strengthening & stimulating follicles thus encouraging hair growth.
    • Best seller for hair loss
    • Beauty Tip: Hair grows in stages so you must give this natural powerhouse time to perform.  Approximately 4 - 16weeks before you can see a real difference.  However most people report seeing a marked decrease in hair loss within 2-4weeks. 
    • Supplementation with Ultra Silica herbal capsules also supports quicker results.


  • Organic 100% pure botanical proprietary blend of essential oils.
  • Use 2-3 times a week.  Add 5-8 drops to a large bowl of very cold water.  Agitate water well to mix up water and essential oils.  After washing/conditioning soak entire scalp into bowl for 60seconds, dipping scalp in and out of water.  Leave in, style as usual.  You may also make a Leave In Spray:  120ml distilled or filtered water in a spray bottle, add 40 drops of Scalp Soak.  Shake well before each use, spray onto scalp and lightly massage scalp with finger tips.  Leave in, and style as usual.