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Under Armour Deodorant

Armpits are powerful detoxification sites for the body.  Preventing the body from sweating is NOT recommended for good health.  30% of the body's detoxification takes place sub-cutaneously (thru the skin), If the body is not allowed to detoxify it may be forced to re-absorb those toxins.  When switching from an anti-perspirant to Under-Armour Deodorant the sweat glands may be over active for a period of time before balance is re-established.  All your armpits to detoxify and use Under Armour as often as needed.  Under-Armour kills odor causing bacteria while allowing the body to function as it was designed to.   

FYI:  There are 20 lymph nodes under each armpit so one must ask themselves if they really want to prevent there body from releasing the toxins that will otherwise be re-absorbed into these lymph nodes.

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